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Melting snow could mean flooding this week

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With more snow coming and a warm-up expected later in the week, many Midstate officials are concerned about where all the melted snow and ice will go.

"We're actually looking at some rain as well. So it's gonna cause a lot of the snow and ice to start melting," PennDOT spokesperson Fritzi Schreffler said.

When it does, all that water has to go somewhere. Of course, the river will be a concern -- so will flooding in your neighborhood if storm drains are not clear.

"If you have one in front of your property, you'd be doing a really big service to help out your municipal workers by helping to clear away as much ice and snow as you can from in front of that so that as the temperatures go up, it has a place to go," Schreffler said.

Harrisburg officials said one area notorious for flooding is Second and Market streets. But with temperatures still well below freezing, it may be hard to even find a storm drain, let alone clear one.

"A lot of people can't even get much of their sidewalk cleared off because it's frozen underneath. So as the week goes on and the temperatures start to rise, that should make it a little bit easier to start attacking the piles in front of your house," Schreffler said.

As for state roads, PennDOT will put plows back on the streets.

"Our crews will be out this week making sure that the inlets we're responsible for are as cleared up as possible. Because it's not just ice and snow as things went here, there could be garbage underneath it," Schreffler said.

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