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Update: Midstate soldier donates kidney to comrade

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abc27 News followed up on the moving story we brought you Monday about an Army sergeant who donated his kidney to another Army sergeant, the man who trained him and who he so respects.

 ABC News aired our story Tuesday morning. Yahoo News, AOL News, The Washington Times, and Fox & Friends ran the story as well.

Sergeant Dan Famous, obviously living up to his name, does not like to be the center of attention. However Famous does wants everyone to know what Sergeant Joe Love did for him.

Famous is a soldier in the Pa. National Guard who has polycystic kidney disease. He was only weeks away from dialysis. But Love, living up to his name too, donated a kidney to Famous Tuesday morning.

Love said he did it because "selfless service" is more than an Army creed, it is a way of life. Love was also inspired by his faith.

"In the Gospel of John, Jesus said that greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for his friends, and I try to live out that principle. And this is just another way to live that and made that just not a recital of words," Love said.

Famous's wife, Andrea, said Tuesday the surgeries went very well and both men are recovering at a Midstate hospital. Andrea Famous said her husband was too groggy to talk, but said he looked great.

Andrea Famous also visited Love. She said he was in pain but doing well.

"Held his hand. We held hands and cried. How do you say thank you? You can't you can't say thank you. There's no words to express what he's done for our family, for our boys. They've got a healthy dad now who can run around and play with them," Andrea said.

She added that several soldiers have visited the Sergeants at the hospital.

"This is what the military is all about. This is what I see as a military wife. I see a group of soldiers looking out for each other and that's to me what it's all about. And I was so great to have their support," said Andrea.

According to Andrea, Famous and Love should both be home by Friday. They should be up and around in four to six weeks.

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