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Roof collapses on York County home

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Far too often this winter, buildings and homes have seen their roofs collapse.

"As soon as the snow starts to melt, the weight some of these buildings just can't handle the weight anymore," Paul Green of Heidler Roofing said.

Several roofs have collapsed or caved in just in the last week. 

"With all the snow it's not rare," said Green.

Wednesday morning, the roof on a house off Hill Street in Winterstown gave way to the weight of the snow. One person was inside showering, but he was not injured.

"If you hear any kind of noises or anything, evacuate immediately," said Green.

Green said clogged drains and gutters are a home owner's worst nightmare.

"If the drains are clogged, you need to keep those clear. If they are clogged up, there is no where for the water to go. Water, as you know, is heavy, so it just puts a lot of stress on the structure," Green said.

If you think getting up on your roof with a shovel is a good idea, think again.

"Get a roofing contractor because it's very dangerous," said Green.

The Winterstown home is not livable in its current condition.


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