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Cookin' With Cabbage

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Chef Sharon Prudhomme of Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia is Cookin' With Cabbage!


Chicken breast, boneless/skinless, cut into strips (cut strips on angle into chunks)

Shrimp, cleaned & deveined, 3-4 per person

Green cabbage, cut into 1/4- to 1/2-inch "slabs"

Purple Cabbage, cut thin slices, cut slices in half

Red onions, dice 1/2 onion

Kale (or spinach), chopped 1/2 cup

Lemon, deseed, sliced and dice

Seasoning: Cumin, Lemon, Basil

Hot Sauce to taste

Oil, just enough to prevent sticking

Butter, 2-3 Tbls.

Water, use small amounts, cover to create steam during cooking.



1. Remove one whole red cabbage leaf. Split stem end down an inch and lay on edge of plate. Overlap the green slab a bit onto leaf.

2. Season both sides of green cabbage slab, place into pan with small amount of oil. Spritz a bit of water to create steam and cover.

3. Sauté both sides until soft (careful not to break) and plate.

4. In pan, add Tbls. of oil and tsp. of each season, onions, lemon, kale, purple cabbage, butter, chicken and hot sauce to taste. Sauté for several minutes, stirring and tossing.

5. As red cabbage begins to soften and chicken begins to cook, add shrimp. Turn shrimp 1-2 times. When no longer clear, pull shrimp and place onto leaf.

6. Add chicken and arrange red cabbage over and around meat.


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