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Pa. prisons may allow tablets for inmates

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Technology and prison don't seem to go hand-in-hand, but soon they could.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is considering allowing inmates to purchase customized electronic tablets to download music, place orders for goods and send emails.

"I would say yes, I would say I am for it," said Ruben Alvarez of Harrisburg.

The Department of Corrections says allowing tablets would improve entertainment options and enhance safety. They want to get rid of radios that inmates currently have available to them because inmates have used radio parts to make weapons.

"If they are not able to make weapons out of the tablet and able to make weapons out of the radios, I would remove the radios from them because you don't want them to make some type of weapon and hurt someone inside," said Alvarez.

Inmates would not have access to WiFi, and tablet use would be monitored. Still, some disagree with the possible new program.

"I don't think they should be allowed to have them," said Betty Williams of Harrisburg.

"I don't think it's okay," said Martha Gilmer of Harrisburg.

Some say inmates already get too much and if they are allowed tablets now, what will they receive next?

"I already think they get enough. They have done wrong. They are in there for a reason. Why keep giving?" said Gilmer.

"I feel as though it will continue to be giving them more and more so that maybe people won't care, so what if I get in trouble? I'll have this and this, and I feel as though they don't need all of that," said Williams.

A few other states in the country have started this program. In no way would this be funded by taxpayers. The Department of Corrections would make money through fees charged to inmates for some of the services.


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