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Officials meet with residents about Mulberry Street bridge closure

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In just over a month, work will begin on fixing the Mulberry Street bridge that links the Allison Hill section of Harrisburg to downtown.

The problem is, the bridge will be closed while PennDOT does the work, leaving a lot of folks who will have to find an alternative. That was the subject of a public meeting Monday night at the Hamilton Health Center facility on South 17th Street in Harrisburg.

Officials from Capital Area Transit and the City of Harrisburg met with residents to discuss the project. They wanted input from residents since the contingency plans are still being fine-tuned.

"No matter how bright you make the crosswalks across Cameron Street, people drive fast and they often go through the yellow light," one resident said.

Harrisburg's City Engineer Paul Francis says some of the biggest concerns come from those who walk across the bridge to get to and from downtown. Now they will have to cross Cameron Street.

"We're striping the crosswalks," he said. "We're going to ask for additional things as well, having heard concerns of the public."

Bus riders also had their concerns.

"Is there the possibility of those routes staying after the Mulberry Street bridge is closed?" one woman asked.

"Now we're traveling through communities, should some of these be incorporated into our long-term plan," said CAT General Manager Bill Jones. "We're using these detours as an opportunity to evaluate that service and how can we improve it."

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