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Community Input Needed In Staunton River State Park Development Plan


Halifax Co., VA - Every five years, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation outlines a plan to give all State Parks a face lift.

They recently announced proposed updates for Staunton River State Park in Halifax County.

Many features of the park date all the way back to 1936.

Folks there said they are excited about how the updates can better serve the community.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation says Virginia State Parks hit a new attendance record last year. They had more than 8.8 million visitors.

Out of that 8.8 million, 130,000 came to Staunton River State Park

"Some of the experiences you get out here, you'll never be ale to see inside. You might be able to watch National Geographic Channel and see deer and bears and wild turkeys, but when you can get out here and actually see them in person, see how they act in their natural environment, it's a whole different thing," said Adam Layman, Staunton River State Park Manager.

Now the park is planning ways to offer an even better experience. Every five years, they draft a master plan.

"We're calling for three more cabin area so that will mean more overnight lodging, addition campground to provide larger spaces for bigger RV's. We're seeing now that the tow behind drivable units are bigger than they used to be," said Layman.

Also on that list is a new park entrance, starting at the current Equestrian Campground, and a fishing area for children.

However, before the plans are set in stone, they need your help. They're having a meeting to hear what will make those 130,000 visitors come back to the park, and also recommend it to their friends. 

"Our parks are owned by the citizens of the Commonwealth and having them come in and be able to give their input as to what they would like to see the park that's there in heir community look like in the future is a real big plus," said Layman.

A public meeting to discuss long-range planning for Staunton River State Park will be held March 19 at 6 p.m., at the Park Visitor Center.

You can also submit your ideas through April 19 to park planner, Bill Conkle at bill.conkle@dcr.virginia.gov

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