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"Paycheck Protection" legislation debate rages on in Pa.

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There is legislation being considered in Harrisburg called "Paycheck Protection." It's an effort by many Republicans to end government collection of union dues.

A leading conservative group is backing the legislation and recently conducted a poll to find out how government workers actually felt about the issue.

The Commonwealth Foundation commissioned Susquehanna Polling & Research to survey government union workers on whether union dues should be taken out of their paychecks by the government.

"Do you think the government should be collecting PAC money or campaign contributions?" said Nate Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation, re-stating one of the questions that was asked. "Eighty percent of union members said 'no' and two-thirds said government should not be collecting union dues out of workers paychecks for them."

Many state Republicans say it's mostly an issue of fairness; unions generally support Democratic candidates. But unions and Democrats across the state question the motives of those supporting the proposal to end the government collection of union dues.

"They're really just trying to throw a wrench into the way unions collect dues," said Democratic State Rep. Mike Sturla of Lancaster County, who says union are dues are not used on politics.

"If they're concerned that these dollars are being used for political contribution, that's not what the union dues are used for. There's political PAC's that do that and that's separate from what the union dues are being collected for," Sturla said.

Benefield disagreed.

"The dues money, they say it can't go to campaign contributions but it funds a lot of left-wing organizations," he said. "It funds independent expenditures in support of attack ads against candidates."

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