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CAT bringing bus service to Carlisle

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Public transportation is coming to Carlisle.

Capital Area Transit will soon begin regular bus routes that will help workers and college students get around town.

The people of Carlisle are more than ready for public transportation, according to a PennDOT study. Thanks to the Transportation Funding Bill, public busing in Carlisle has the green light.

"We're all winners today. This is a wonderful project," Sen. Pat Vance (R-Cumberland/York) said.

The Carlisle Circulator will run four routes, six days a week. PennDOT estimates that will add up to nearly 36,000 trips a year.

"People who need a ride to get to work will have one. People who need a ride to get to a medical appointment or the doctor will have one. Folks who want to go grocery shopping who don't have an automobile will have a way to get there," Cumberland County Commissioner Jim Hertzler said.

People like Josh Hardy are thrilled to hear the news.

"Yeah, absolutely," Hardy said. "We've been looking for ways to get around Carlisle for a while and it's good that somebody's coming in to help."

Officials said it has been 30 years since Carlisle had public transportation. Not only will it be good news for residents and Dickinson College students, they said it will help accelerate the entire local economy.

"We are a day's drive to 60 percent of the American market; 60 percent. That's a great position to be in," Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott said. "We need public transit to move people, goods and services. I'm very pleased about this and I'm looking forward to taking my first ride."

Cat general manager Bill Jones was asked if an ongoing labor dispute will have an impact on the Carlisle Circulator. He said it will not.

"We have an agreement in place. Just keep in mind, disputes come and go," Jones said. "This will come to an end and we will move forward and be bigger and better in the future."

Service will begin in four to six weeks.

For more information, visit www.dot.state.pa.us and click on "News Releases."


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