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Region 2000 Conducting 221 Safety Study


Lynchburg, VA – Region 2000 is asking people who drive Route 221 between Lynchburg and Bedford to take an online survey.

The partnership is working with the City of Lynchburg, Bedford County, and V-DOT on ways to improve safety and ease of movement along the 221 corridor.

The focus area is between Forest Brook Road and Clover Hill Boulevard.

The area has seen a lot of growth over the last 15 years.

"There's been a lot of commercial activity, a lot of residential activity behind the fronting areas," said Bob White, with Region 2000. "There are a lot of destinations on either end of the 221 corridor, so it has continually increased in traffic."

If 221 is a route you take on your commute, click here to take the survey.

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