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Home security camera records attempted burglary

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Home surveillance systems are becoming more popular and one of them worked well for a Cumberland County man.

He caught two women on tape breaking into his home in North Middleton Township. One woman crawled through a window while the other kept watch outside. They did not know the owner was inside. When confronted, the woman ran out, arms flailing. They also did not know the owner installed security cameras that caught it all on tape.

The surveillance video is very clear and helped police get some great leads.

ABC27 talked to an expert about what kinds of surveillance systems are available.

"Cameras have come a long way from what they used to be. They are gaining popularity," said Robert Patterson, sales consultant at Shearer Security Devices on Derry Street.

The store has a wide range of surveillance systems. They range from standard definition to high definition. Many come with convenient features.

"Most systems right now if you have a high speed Internet at your home you can actually set it up so that you can remote view your camera system from where you're at," Patterson said. "Allowing for the case if you see something odd you may be able to catch a crime sooner rather than later."

There are also cameras that can tilt, pan around, and zoom in and out.

A decent surveillance system will run you at least $2,800. The cheapest system will only cost about $450, but you sacrifice quality.

"I'm sure people have seen a million times on the news hey we're looking for this particular individual can anyone help ID this person. You can't actually tell if it's a man or a woman what color of clothing they have on," Patterson said.

Many security companies, like Shearers, will come out and do a free consultation and tell you which system is best for your home or business.

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