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One on one animal time for Miguel. Miguel got up close and personal with some of Zoo America's residents.

"Miguel is a great kid. He's very energetic and likes to play basketball. He likes to make food with people, bake, and do stuff like that... he also loves animals," said Case Worker Sarah Merkel. This young man enjoyed the animals. "They are fun and they're cute" said Miguel.

"He got to pick up a turtle and asked a lot of questions about them" said

Merkel. Miguel likes sports, especially Basketball, football, dodgeball, and his favorite subjects are math and science. What doe Miguel's friends think about him? "That I'm funny.. I like to play around" said Miguel.

Miguel also enjoys his spare time, "I go in my room and usually take a nap... I go out and play some video games" said Miguel. The 12 year old has been in foster care for over 3 months and the search continues for a family where Miguel would be the youngest or only child.

"We are looking for a family that is willing to participate in his residential treatment for the time being a family that would give a lot of energy effort and love to him a two parent family. Miguel requires a lot of structure" said Adoption Social Worker Cambria Hooven.

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