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Reports: Carlisle attorney Rominger owes IRS

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Court documents show Cumberland County attorney Karl Rominger has had several Federal Tax liens filed against him. He failed to pay his individual income taxes eight times starting in 2000.

Court documents have the unpaid balances as followed:

  • 2000: $67,576.11
  • 2002: $6,171.31
  • 2004: $51,927.80
  • 2006: $38,642.15
  • 2007: $37,059.32
  • 2008: $14,573.74
  • 2009: $41,114.47
  • 2010: $50,735.03

The total comes close to $308,000.00.

Rominger is already under investigation by the Cumberland County District Attorney's office for allegedly stealing money from clients. Rominger addressed the allegations in an audio clip he posted on his Facebook page.

"I will do everything in my power to help those that I've wronged and to make whole any loss I've created. with that in mind, I just ask that you pray for those I've wronged and you pray for my family," said Rominger.

District Attorney Dave Freed says misappropriation of funds in a divorce action sparked their investigation.

"On behalf of Rominger, Attorney Bill Costopoulos stated a desire to cooperate with any investigation. We have handled many significant theft investigations in the last few years. Such investigations are document driven and, done correctly, require complex forensic accounting. We are currently engaged in that process," said Freed.

The District Attorneys office is asking anyone with information regarding this investigation to contact the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office - Criminal Investigation Division at (717) 240-6217 or send an email to districtattorney@ccpa.net subject matter: "Rominger investigation."

No charges have been filed at this time.

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