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Marietta community outraged over flag burning

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A single burnt and shriveled-up piece of an American flag sat in Marietta's town square Tuesday.

"Just kind of disgusting," said Marietta's Glenn Orr.

"It's way over the line," said Cindy Eckman, also of Marietta.

Orr, a Borough employee, spent is afternoon sweeping up the remains.

"I'll see if the Legion wants it, if they do anything with it or not," said Orr.

Over the weekend, the American flag was pulled down, set on fire and left in ashes in the heart of the Lancaster County town.

"I just found it the next morning—I just got the phone call the flags were down, they needed to be put back up. They thought maybe the rope came loose, but when I got here it was on the ground burnt," said Orr.

The Pennsylvania flag was unharmed, but the damage had been done.

"It's disgusting, 'cause it's the American flag, and a lot of people died for that flag, and for somebody to just to disgrace it like that..." said Orr.

"I am very upset over the whole thing, to tell you the truth. I just hope they catch who did it," said Eckman.

The Marietta community is not taking this act of vandalism lightly.

"It's disgusting. We want them caught. Everybody would do anything to catch these people," said Eckman.

"They might be trying to send a message, but as you have seen through our town, we have a lot of flags flying," said Orr. "We are proud we got it right back up. We got it back up 20 minutes after police did their investigation."

Charges could be filed under insult to a national flag. Those responsible could face fines, charges or even both. Anyone with information regarding the burning of the Marietta flag is asked to contact police.

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