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Campbell Co. Man Recovering From Home After Hit Head-On By Wrong Way Driver


Campbell Co., VA - Eight surgeries, hundreds of hours of rehab, a whole lot of prayer and Jacob Moser is alive, and well. Moser is the 24 year old we told you about in January who was struck head-on by a wrong way driver on Route 29 outside of Charlottesville.

That accident nearly took his life.

He's home now though, back in Campbell County. For Moser, it's what he almost lost, that let him see everything he has.

"I think looking at the amount of damage to my Bronco; it's hard to believe that I survived" he said.

On January 24th, Moser was hit head on by a wrong-way driver. When he was pulled from the heap of metal that was once his car, he wound up having eight surgeries to save his leg that was left crushed.

"I think I've had every kind of pain that's even possible in my legs" he said.

"I have his medications lined up. I've had to go get one of these industrial size pill containers to get his medications at the right times" said Lisa Moser.

Moser's Mom, Lisa is now her son's 24/7 care-giver. By trade, she's a rehab nurse. But now by love, and by choice, she's brought those skills home to care for her youngest son.

"It's been really tough. Again, to see your child going through something like this. You're powerless to do anything about it. But you do what you've got to do. He's my son and I'll be there every step of the way for him" said Lisa.

Their basement's become a hospital. "I have a lot of stuff I have to use to change his wounds… This is the sliding board he uses to get onto different surfaces… And of course, that's his medication supply" said Lisa.

Lisa's kept every chart, record, and receipt since the start of her son's recovery.

"Acute rehab, UVa, some of the stuff from the accident, from home health services, and of course the bills that are starting to come in" she said referencing a pile of files.

But even with the bills piling up, and with Jacob taking 15 pills a day to control his pain, his hope for his future has never been stronger.

"To be, I think, very positive through it. I don't hold any grudges, I'm not angry. I am very happy that I was spared from this" said Jacob.

Jacob needs one more surgery and will likely need years of rehabilitation. The wrong way driver that nearly took Jacob's life, died in that same wreck.

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