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Matters of Faith God's Daughters

Matters of Faith God's Daughters

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Birmingham , AL -

There's a new ministry designed to remind women... that they are God's daughters.

It's a mission of encouragement and hope.

God's daughters was the idea of a woman who knew heart break at an early age... but now she is healed and helping other young ladies.


Andrea Gates is the founder of God's daughters.

She says, " I didn't have my mom she died when I was 6 months old and my sister

was 4...we were raised by our grandparents and you can imagine your

grandparents being two generations older than you. They couldn't

connect with us... but they did the best they could."

Life was tough at a young age for Andrea.

She says, "I was picked on a lot cuz of where I lived...I've had tough spots I

believe that's why I have a heart for hurting people...girls...and women."

She now helps to transform women's hair and spiritually tries to transform their lives. She says, "I've been a hair stylist for 20 years."

Jamaans hair salon is named after her son.

Like people in ministry... Andrea would listen to the troubles of many

women sitting in her salon chair.

She says, "It's like you are a hairdresser slash counselor."

When her business partner retired...thoughts about the ministry grew.


She says, " I started seeing it as an opportunity to ..do something God had

spoke to me about years ago. ...ministering to women and girls was

always in me. I knew I could use salon as a platform.

God gave me the name God's daughters... and that's how God's

daughters started.

People come for that encouragement as a matter of fact I have

people who are not my clients to just sit in the shop and talk to us...so it's

therapy. All of us have issues and if you say you don't have an issue that's

your issue."


Gods daughters is a ministry dedicated to women and girls.

She says, "My niece asked me how do you know your called you just know."

She says she was always drawn to church and reading the word.

Andrea: "When I became an adult and went through a divorce and I call it my

crazy period I am in no way perfect or close to perfect. I just believe

there's something about God that keeps you when your called.

I am not so concerned with what people do as much as I'm

concerned what brought you to that action... I'm a thinker get so caught up in

people's failures and mistakes that we don't stop and ask...why did you

do that? cuz everything has a root everything has a cause.

We don't realize what's behind every face is a story.

think we become more compassionate people when we stop being

judgmental. ...seeing them as a story. that person is carrying a story.

We encounter people from day to day and we know their names

and we think we know their story... but we don't really know them until we

know their story.

I don't pass judgement on others I try to love people where they are

No matter what we've been thru or done we are still God's daughters."


"I know the plans I have for you .. plans to prosper you for your

good and not to harm you."

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