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Woman searches for home for 2 abandoned fish

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Like many of us, Olivia Broy got her introduction to fish by sinking a ping pong ball at a 5th grade carnival. She won 15 goldfish that day and since then her love has grown in ways she never would have expected.

"To this day I don't eat fish," she said in her New Cumberland home.

Her heart was broken when, several summers back, she saw her neighbor's dog chained to the porch next to two fish in a bucket.

"They had moved out and left the animals there," she said.

The dog was re-homed, and Broy decided to care for the tiny fish. First they were given a 30-gallon tank, then a 55.

"It wasn't three months later that I felt like I was looking at the tank saying, 'They look cramped again,' and that's when I decided to do a bit more research to find out what kind of fish they were," said Broy.

Turns out the big boys were Iridescent Sharks. Now in a 150-gallon home, they've reached about three feet in length.

Broy's budget, or apartment for that matter, can no longer offer 'Midnight' or 'Eclipse' the space they need. Her goal is to find someone who can.

"When you are little and your goldfish died from the fair, your mom would flush it down the toilet. Well this thing would clog the street!" she said.

Joking aside, Broy knows she doesn't have much time.

From her pup to plants, reverence for life is apparent throughout the apartment.

Though her "sharks" will never meet true wild freedom, she hopes that a new home will at least feel like it.

"Every day when I look at the big one especially, I feel like, 'You can do it buddy. Another day, you can do it,' " said Broy. "I'm trying, I really am."

Thanks to Broy's care, the growth of the fish has not been severely stunted.

Iridescent sharks are not technically part of the shark family; their species is classified as endangered.

Broy has reached out to aquariums across the country and still waiting for replies.

She was never able to reach the original owners and asks that anyone with information or the means to house these fish contact her at 717-756-2600. Her email is oliviascorner@gmail.com.

Broy owns the Lemoyne Salon "Olivia's Corner" and will offer discounted rates with donations to the local SPCA.

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