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Old church is being resurrected at Fort Indiantown Gap

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An old church at Fort Indiantown Gap is being resurrected, and a unique group of volunteers is restoring it.

The 109th Infantry Regiment's Chapel, also known as Our Lady of Victory Chapel, has been a part of Fort Indiantown Gap for decades. Renovations are underway to make sure it's here for decades to come.

"Well I know it's older than me, and I'm getting old," said Gordon Ebright, a volunteer. "I think it's probably 140 years old or so."

Originally the 109th Infantry Regiment's Chapel was a schoolhouse.

"In the 1930s it was converted to a Catholic church for the WWII boys that were here," Ebright said.

For decades soldiers got married a the chapel and prayed at the chapel before they shipped out.

The chapel is now showing its age. A makeover is in the works, and it started with moving the chapel across base.

"We tore out some old flooring and the old altar area," Ebright said.

Now workers are replacing the one-of-a-kind stained glass windows.

"We're hustling a little bit to get things ready for that. All the window frames are in bad shape," Ebright said.

Workers are drilling away and have done so before, but in a different way.

They are former airmen from the 201st Red Horse Squadron Alumni Association.

"These fellas that I'm working with that are working here now, all of us have been together for I would say close to 30 years," Ebright said.

Although the men are retired, they are still finding a way to serve.

"It's just nice to get together. We have a good time doing it at the same time. Sometimes we reminisce a little more that we work. But that's part of it. We're retired you know," said Ebright.

Restoration is expected to be done by October.

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