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Lancaster's fainting goats reach celebrity status

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The goats on Goat Flower Farm in Lancaster appear to be normal. They are about waist-height, some have beards and some don't. One trait they possess could be classified as an imperfection, and it has many falling for those little guys.

"They are commonly called 'fainting goats,' but the correct term is Myotonic goats," said Carol Ellis, owner of Goat Flower Farm.

When startled or scared, the goats' muscles tighten up, causing them to tip over and become as stiff as a board.

"It doesn't hurt them at all. It's completely muscular, it doesn't effect any other system," said Ellis, who has been breeding these fainting goats in Lancaster for almost 20 years.

"I didn't think my claim to fame would be my fainting goats. I am called the Crazy Goat Lady by many just because I love my goats," said Ellis.

Just recently, her goats have been getting a lot of attention. MTV wants to use their own Youtube video of a fainting goat on one of their shows.

"They are going to put it on their show called Ridiculousness we were also contacted by the BBC and provided some footage for their show which is called the world's weirdest animals," said Ellis.

These goats may have a genetic disorder, but they are certainly living the good life.

"Their uniqueness, people like to have the fainting goats, and they get treated like dogs or cats. They get a really good life. We just fell in love with them, they are the perfect goat in our eyes," said Ellis.

The genetic disorder is passed from goat to goat. Ellis also sells her fainting goats to buyers all along the East Coast.

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