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Sewer and water rates could jump in Middletown

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Middletown Borough council is considering raising water and sewer rates.

And it may happen soon.

Sewer rates could increase. For an average residential customer, it could end up being an extra $30 monthly if leaders decide to pass the hike. The average customer now pays $38.

Under the suggested plan water rates could increase by $2.

Officials said the increase is severely needed and stems from building a new wastewater treatment plant back in 2009.

"The reality is that we've got to pay for that sewer plant that they built and nobody took that into account when they set the rates previously so now we have to make the adjustments," Spokesman and Borough Secretary Chris Courogen said.

The recommended rates are a result of a recent study and, if passed, could be reflected in bills as early as May, officials say.

The borough council actually voted to pass the rake hike last month but Mayor Jim Curry vetoed it. However, because council did not publicly advertise the vote, the whole thing was voided. A vote is expected April 7.

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