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Non-violence expert looks at Harrisburg crime

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Physician and non-violence expert Dr. John Reuwer has been in Harrisburg for the past several days taking a look at violent crime and what can be done to curb it.

Reuwer has met with community leaders, youth and the city's community policing coordinator.

While he admits there is a fair share of crime, he remains optimistic. What stuck out to Reuwer is residents' energy and the number of resources throughout the city, which if pulled together could make a difference, he said.

"You can't solve the problem of people in the streets, including the kids who are shooting each other, from the top alone. You have got to engage them. They are the ones that have to build the city they are going to live in,"Reuwer said.  

He is volunteering his time and will issue a report after further analyzing Harrisburg.

Reuwer is a member of the National Peace Academy. He teaches conflict resolution at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont.

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