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Downtown Lynchburg Featured In "Southern Living" Magazine


Lynchburg, VA-  Downtown Lynchburg just seems to be on the up and up, especially after being featured in the pages of Southern Living. Eight stores located in the heart of the Hill City got a spread in April's issue of the magazine.

The article calls downtown Lynchburg your "next great neighborhood." Store owners said being showcased in a national magazine can mean nothing but good for business.

"It makes you feel like you're doing the right thing. We've kinda put our head down, we stay in the studio a lot you know we trust in the actions we're taking you know to get some recognition outside of the city, it makes you feel like you're on the right path," said Justin Rice who works at Oxide Pottery.

They have been downtown for nearly five years. Since they started the pottery shop, he said he has seen downtown Lynchburg explode with growth.

"That energy just keeps rolling and you know it's a great feeling to be a part of it early on." said Rice.

He said they do well in the Hill City, but to get their name beyond that is a big deal.

"It's great to have a positive reaction here in Lynchburg but to know we're starting to branch out and become more of a regional thing and you know to be highlighting in Southern Living we were very excited," said Rice.

A few doors down from Oxide Pottery stand two more featured stores: Estates Revisited and Galaxy Modern.

"The national recognition is great for downtown and for the store too," said Art Dodd who co-owns Estates Revisited. He said since the magazine came out on Wednesday, they have already had people calling the store.

" I can't imagine what's gonna happen when people start really getting into reading it," said Dodd.

The write-up is a great boost to so many who work, live and play in downtown Lynchburg.

""Returning to the local economy and you know shopping local, eating local, it's all kind of wrapping up in downtown Lynchburg," said Rice.

The Southern Living article also includes popular downtown restaurants: Dish, Waterstone Pizza, and Jimmy's on the James, as well as stores Scene 3 and Speaker Tree. You can find the article for yourself on a magazine stand near you.


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