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Sheriff department's bloodhound going strong

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Lieutenant Lou at the York County Sheriff's Department is different than most. For one, he's younger than your average lieutenant, and he has a unique skill that makes him highly valuable.

The four-legged pure bloodhound is six years old and has been a big part of the York County Missing Child Task Force.

"He's another weapon in the arsenal," said Sgt. Samuel Shipley. "I would take a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes that you wore and he would take the scent off of that article and then look for that scent on the ground."

Since he's a bloodhound, you can probably guess what advantage Lt. Lou brings to the table and how often he's usually close to being right on the nose.

"His nasal cavity is 22 square inches, and he has a very strong sense of smell," Shipley said. "He can distinguish between one person and another when he was looking for somebody. He has a sense of smell that we as humans have nothing close to."

Not many K-9's have a full-time job, but Shipley and Lt. Lou are inseparable.

"He's very close with me. He spends 24 hours a day and goes to work with me, he comes home with me, he spends time in our home," Shipley said. "He's been ours since he was 10 weeks old, so it's a deep bond. We have had a him a long time."

Lt. Lou leads a more adventurous and interesting life than most dogs. He's been used on a number of big cases.

"It's a game to him," Shipley said. "It's play time, that's what he thinks it is. He likes doing it."

It's not about the money. Milkbones are Lou's preferred kind of payment.

"If he makes a find or does well, whether it's live or in training, he gets a little piece of Milkbone," Shipley said. "He doesn't get the whole thing. He just gets a little half of a Milkbone and that's his reward."

Lt. Lou will stay on the job for another two years. Once he gets to be around eight years old, it will be time for him to retire.

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