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Pro-marijuana supporters rally in Capitol

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The Capitol Rotunda was filled with people Monday morning for the Keystone Cannabis Reform Rally.

The rally was promoting industrial, recreational and medical cannabis reform.

Among the supporters was veteran Joe Mirt. He was honorably discharged from the Pennsylvania Army National Guard after serving six years and one tour in Iraq. He says his time in the desert still haunts him.

"The mental illness, for lack of a better word, that comes with firing a machine gun at vehicles until they go off the side of the road - in my head I like to think that I never hit anybody and that I disabled the vehicles and that is it and no one was hurt, because that is how I get through the day," said Joe Mirth of Pennsylvania Veterans for Medical Marijuana.

Mirt testified almost three months ago at the committee hearing for Senate bill 1182, which would legalize medical cannabis. Mirt says cannabis has helped him deal with post traumatic stress disorder.

"I have since quit drinking with the help of cannabis. I am no longer on anti-psychotics with the help of cannabis. I know it is illegal and I am not afraid to say that I use it medically because it helps me," Mirt said.

Senator Daylin Leach, co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1182, says medical cannabis is gaining support across the state and at the Capitol.

"We have the votes to pass it in the committee, and I think if it comes to the Senate floor I think we get something like 40 votes," Leach said. "Whatever happens there, I am hoping it happens quickly. We are in this week, we are in next week. There is no reason we can't have a vote next week."


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