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Author Spotlight: 'Just a Label-- Until Landin'

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When her son, Landin, was about two and a half years old Linda Osifat of Harrisburg realized that something was not quite right. Landin was ultimately diagnosed with ADHD, PDDNOS (Persuasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) & Bipolar Disorder. Osifat kept a journal of her experiences which, with the encouragement of friend, she has turned into a book.

"We didn't have a lot of people to talk to when we were going through this. And a lot of the doctors didn't even know what was going on," Osifat said on Good Day PA on abc27. "So I just wrote the book to help, maybe, identify with something. Even if someone reads it and can identify with one thing, that would be worth it."

"Just a Label-- Until Landin" goes through family members' emotions, through Landin's diagnosis and through hospitalizations.

"It is happening all over. And I'm realizing that more and more when I tell people about Landin," said Osifat. "I don't want to hide it. I want to tell people."

Landin appeared with his mom on Good Day PA and told viewers, "I feel this is who I am and this is what makes me special."

"I hope that it can maybe help somebody who's going through it. It's a long journey," Osifat said.

The book is available though Amazon by clicking here: "Just a Label-- Until Landin"

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