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Enola woman gets healthcare shout-out from Obama

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An Enola woman is enjoying newfound fame after President Barack Obama mentioned her in a speech on the Affordable Care Act.

Jeanne Goe, 46, underwent surgery at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in late January to remove an 18-pound tumor from her ovary. She had just enrolled in a $86/month Highmark plan via the ACA Marketplace in November, despite a pre-existing condition.

Tuesday, in a speech touting the 7.1 million Americans enrolled in Obamacare, the president told part of her story:

Jeanne Goe is a bartender from Enola, Pennsylvania. Now, I think most folks are aware being a bartender, that's a job that usually doesn't offer health care. For years, Jeanne went uninsured or underinsured, often getting some health care through her local Planned Parenthood. In November, she bought a plan on the marketplace. In January, an illness sent her to the hospital. And because her new plan covered a CAT scan she wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford, her doctor discovered that she also had ovarian cancer -- and gave her a chance to beat it. So she wrote me a letter, too. She said it's going to be "a long tough road to kill this cancer, but I can walk that road knowing insurance isn't an issue. I won't be refused care. I hope to send a follow-up letter in a few months saying I am free and clear of this disease, but until then, I know I will be fighting just as you have been fighting for my life as a working American citizen."

"When he went into the story and I was the second name mentioned, I just broke out in tears of joy and excitement and jumped off the couch," Goe said. "It was amazing. I just couldn't believe that a normal girl from Central Pennsylvania was being talked about by the president and one of the most important issues of his term."

Goe was selected to have her story told after she wrote the president a letter about her healthcare journey.

"I just wanted to let him and his staff know that 'you're doing a great job and that you saved my life' and that's what I told him," she said.

Goe said without her ACA plan, she would have face $120,000 in out-of-pocket costs, compared to about $2,000 in deductible and co-pay costs she has paid to date under Highmark.

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