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Local grandmother hopes to comfort a wounded Ft. Hood

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Fort Hood is the largest military base on American soil. Therefore, it is inevitable that many Midstate families were directly impacted by yesterday's shooting.

Tuesday night, Alex Hoff spoke with Ginny Reid of Mechanicsburg. Reid said that when her 21-year-old grandson, Ryan Gallimore, returned from Afghanistan, she thought her worrying was over. She was wrong.

During the time he was serving overseas, Reid relied on Facebook to get updates from Gallimore.

"As long as we knew he was posting, we knew he was OK," said Reid.

Gallimore is now stationed at Ft. Hood and it was military posts on Facebook that proved her worrying was not over.

"They kept saying they didn't find the shooter. Then they said people were dead and until I heard that the lockdown was off was when I could finally relax," Reid explained from a booth in the American Auxiliary Legion Post 26 in Dillsburg.

She continues that relief came within an hour through a post from her grandson: "I'm safe in Ft. Hood."

"All of his other family is in North Carolina. He's got one person down there with him in Texas," said Reid. "That's the hardest part, he said, being away from family even being stateside."

With such a violent event like this on top of that stress, and as the American Legion post president, Reid realized a way that the Midstate could offer some comfort.

"We are going to bundle up support cards, condolence cards, and get well cards, and support cards, and Thank You for Your Service cards, even if it's handmade," she said.

Reid says that along with the written cards, the legion will be collecting gift cards with a special emphasis on iTunes credit.

"iTunes is huge in recovery because people can absorb into their music," she explained.

She hopes a little effort from the Midstate can offer a similar soothing effort to our troops in Texas.

To help out with the project, you can head over to the American Legion's Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ALPost26Dillsburg, or website, www.legionpost26.org.

You may also contact Ginny Reid, the auxiliary president at 717-585-2396 (call or text ) or email amlegionpost26@Gmail.com.

abc27 also reached out to the Army War College in Carlisle. They said they run "active shooter" training drills every quarter.


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