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Garden shops hoping spring brings in the green

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It has been a long, rough winter for Midstate garden stores. Many are relying on a warm spring to bring people out, but so far, the weather is not cooperating.

For too long it has felt like winter outside Ashcombe Farms in Cumberland County. But inside spring has sprung.

"I'm glad spring's back. I missed it. I missed my flower friends," said Susan Zalesky of Mechanicsburg.

The shop is filled with flowers, but customers are sparse.

"I was kind of surprised there are not that many people around. I really think the weather has pushed it back a little," said Nora Feldish, also of Mechanicsburg.

The weather has had a withering effect on business.

"Painfully slow. The customers have been few and far between," said Kerri Laudig, who has worked at Ashcombe Farms for 20 years. "Although we've had some great products we have great pansies. They look awesome. And the vegetables look awesome. Just haven't had the customers in here to buy them up."

"The garden was open April 1. I could've been there, but it was raining all day and cold," Feldish said.

With better weather and Easter on the way, workers expect to make more green.

"I figure that once it reaches 50, everybody will be out and want everything. It'll be crazy here, which is what we want," said Laudig.

You do not have to wait for the weather to improve to plant. Shrubs, trees, pansies and some vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce) can go in the ground now. Although those plants can survive colder temperatures, there may be another nemesis lurking in your garden.

"We've already planted out lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Now the rabbits enjoyed that already so we may do some more planting," Laudig said.

Workers are confident that within the next couple of weeks they will be able dig themselves out of the hole financially.

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