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York mulls fines for feeding feral cats

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Even on a gray and drizzly day, it did not take long to spot feral cats roaming alleys or searching for a cozy spot to stay dry.

"That is one that was thrown out of that house and he likes to lay a lot under those trees," Judith Fry of York said as she pointed out a abandoned cat.

A large amount of complaints has prompted York City Council to consider an ordinance that would prohibit feeding feral cats. Doing so could result in fines between $100 and $1,000, and failing to pay could result in jail time.

"We do have people that feed. Behind me is a cat box on my neighbor's porch. There are several," said Fry. "Being exposed, I think it's just a miracle that they made it and personally don't want to find a cat under my porch dead because it starved."

Instead of going after those feeding cats, Fry says the city should be fining those who abandon cats.

"Don't punish the cats and the people trying to help them, punish the people that put the cats into that situation," she said.

Fry plans on being at the next council meeting so she can speak for those who cannot.

"I have a heart for the animals. I feel as a human being I have a responsibility to take care of animals and some of them can't take care of themselves, they don't have a voice, so somebody has to have a voice for them," Fry said.

We did speak with a number of York City residents who are in favor of this ordinance. They did not wish to have their names revealed, but they did say feral cats are a real problem in York.

The council is expected to vote on the ordinance next week.

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