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Danville Businesses Suffer As Gas Prices Increase


Danville, VA - The cost of a gallon of gas across the US has risen five cents in the past two weeks. In Virginia, it is up seven cents.

Most gas stations make little to no profit on the sale of gas. They depend on customers buying things like soda or candy and the higher the gas, the less people spend on other items.

As gas prices are on the rise, everyone feels the pain, whether it's at the pump or behind the register.

"With the gas prices being so high, people just don't drive, get out as much," said Richard Carter, an employee at Riverside Exxon.

They also often cut back on extra purchases.

"It's affected the business a whole lot," said Nawaz Khan, the owner of Hilltop Exxon.

Khan says when the price of gas goes up, his sales of other items go down.

"They can't afford that. They don't have enough money to buy some other stuff. They need to run their vehicles," said Khan.

 The problem is, Khan only makes a profit when people stop in and stock up.

"It's very hard to survive it," said Khan.

According to AAA, Virginia's average price of a gallon of gasoline increased by seven cents over the past week. It's still below the national average but above what most people want to spend.

"It's very difficult. Especially when you have a child and you've got to buy him stuff," said Dixie Collins, a Pittsylvania County resident.

Collins stopped by the Riverside Exxon for a few items but not gasoline.

"I'm waiting until it goes on E and hopefully that gas price will go down when I need it," said Collins.

 Employee Richard Carter says they desperately need to see prices drop.

"If they don't fix the gas prices, we'll be out of business," said Carter.

According to Gasbuddy.com, the lowest price of gas in all of Virginia is in Danville at $3.09 a gallon on Monday. Virginia has the 10th lowest average in the country.

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