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Middletown officials cite Elks Theater for codes violations

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The Elks Theater is one of the oldest continuously running theaters in the country. The retail side of the building took started to leak after heavy rain fell in late March.  

Borough officials sent a letter to the theater ownership indicating if repairs were not made within 15 days, an order to vacate the entire building will be issued for public safety reasons.

This comes on the eve of the borough's $4 million revitalization plan.  Chris Courogen, the borough spokesperson, says no one wants to shut down the Elks building, but discussions are taking place with the owners to sell the building

Gordon Einhorn is on the board that owns the property. He says the theater side of the building is safe, sound and dry after a new roof was put in a few years ago, and the seats should continue to be filled with movie goers

Einhorn says steps were taken to make the necessary repairs on the retail side of the complex. "We called our roofer in after it happened and had them work on it immediately even before we got a notice from the borough, " said Einhorn. "We believe we have corrected the problem but we are keeping an eye on it."

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