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Steelton residents grill borough officials about water issues

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Steelton residents came to Borough Hall Monday night looking for answers.

It was the first meeting of the Steelton Water Authority since the Department of Environmental Protection fined the authority $55,000 for violations. The state reported that the authority did not properly sanitize the water and that it falsified reports about the situation.

Residents wanted to know why the borough didn't tell them about the water issues. One man wanted to know why the DEP didn't speak up.

"If they knew about this, they could have went over Steelton's head and announced this," he said.

But a DEP official said that when they tested the water, it was fine.

"The department was convinced," he said. "We knew there was not an ongoing health risk from the time of our inspection until today."

Two borough officials apologized for not coming forward with more information; not from the outset, but from when the DEP announced its findings.

"We guarantee you that none of that will ever happen again," said Mayor Tom Acri. "But unfortunately it did. But we are telling you and you heard it today, our water is good."

The mayor blamed the chief operator at the plant. He has since been fired, but residents wanted to know if that operator told the authority what was going on.

"As a community, I'm going to tell you right now, we're asking for your resignation, the mayor's resignation and whomever else was involved," one man said.

State Representative Patty Kim also spoke up.

"With the focus of building back that trust, I believe we have to replace some of the board members," she said.

Kim also said she would look into whether the borough could sue the operator to recoup the $55,000 in fines being paid by the authority.

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