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Local veterinarian offers stem cell therapy

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If you have had to take your pet to the veterinarian for a procedure, you know some can be costly. A Midstate animal clinic is trying to make one treatment more affordable, and it is with the latest medical technology.

The Palmyra Animal Clinic is busy caring for Midstate pets. One of their patients is Gunney, a 7-year-old German shepherd who has severe arthritis in his hips.

"Set him up for today's procedure so that he can get a lot better motion in his rear legs than he currently has, " said Calvin Clements, DVM, owner of Palmyra Animal Clinic.

Gunney's surgery was a special one.

"We're introducing a new technology in our clinic program," Clements said.

It is the same treatment that professional athletes like Tigers Woods have had. It is in-house stem cell therapy. Before that, doctors had to mail the tissue to another facility where they collected the stem cells. But now they can do it in office.

"The process was time consuming. The animal had to be anesthetized a couple times and rather expensive because it was being shipped back and forth and the cost was prohibitive for some people," Clements said.

Now, the cost is nearly cut in half. Doctors said in a month, Gunney should be running around like a puppy again.

"We're gonna be able to help re-grow organs that have been damaged by serious diseases. In some other countries in the world they're actually a bit ahead of us and have been doing things like growing kidneys and pancreases, etc.," Clements said.

The procedure can also be done on cats and horses. Doctors said the results for stem cell therapy in pets can last anywhere from one year to a few years. The stem cells can be banked and used for future treatments.


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