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Get ready for a busy construction season

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You can expect to see a lot more road construction across the Midstate in the weeks and months ahead; even more so than spring traditionally brings.

Back in November the governor signed a $2.3 billion transportation bill to improve roads and bridges across the state. The extra funding means that PennDOT will add another 48 road projects to the 80 it had originally scheduled in the Midstate district, which is made up of eight counties.

And as busy as it appears to be now, it will get even busier in the summer.

"We try not to have too many in a particular area," said PennDOT spokesperson Greg Penny. "Now with the ramp up of projects and the numbers of bridges that we're trying to address, that gets harder and harder to do."

A number of residents have already experienced traffic delays.

"It was pretty bad," said Katrina Stevens of Susquehanna Township. "I turned on some music and tried to refocus myself. It wasn't too bad, but it is a little frustrating."

"I still got to my appointment, so that's all that matters," said Kayla Wiles of Steelton, who said she kept her patience despite a delay of close to 30 minutes. "Yeah, you have to...too much is going on if you lose your patience and road rage."

In addition to PennDOT projects, local work and utility work is also busy, as Harrisburg resident Linda Dean found out in her bank parking lot.

"I couldn't get out of the drive-thru because PPL was there," she said. "And when he finally backed his truck up, I get on Pine Street and they're digging up all over the place."

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