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Local Catholics Observe Good Friday


Lynchburg, VA - Friday marked one of the holiest days of the year for Christians, Catholics in particular. It's a holiday steeped in hundreds of years of tradition, and by Friday night the observances were well underway.

It marks the day Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. From Jerusalem to New York Friday, the faithful carried the cross worldwide on Good Friday to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ.

"We will reverence this cross, we will approach it and leave our sins at the cross" said Monsignor Michael McCarron of Lynchburg's St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

At St. Thomas More, their cross like many was a bare and black wooden one. Far different than the ornate cross that typically adorned their altar.

"We stripped the altar of all of its linens, we took out all of the plants, we took out any of the basic ornamentation" said McCarron.

McCarron showed off a barren worship hall, a stark contrast to what it usually looks like.

"Just to remind us that today we enter a very somber part of that three day celebration" he said.

Known as the Paschal Triduum, Catholics for three days remember and celebrate Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection.

"For us, these three days are the most important days; they are the high holy days" said McCarron.

McCarron said he tries to drive home to his more than 900 parishioners the importance of the weekend and how the word "good" can be connected to such a solemn, violent event.

"It's a very Good Friday because we are no longer captive by death, chained by suffering and what we see is not what we get, there's so much more" he said.

McCarron said he believes Good Friday is in fact a good day that Jesus died to save sinners. Also for Catholics, Friday was a fast. No more than one meal was allowed and no meat. The days culminate in a celebration on Easter Sunday.

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