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Deadline to register for Pa. primary draws near

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Monday's the last day to register to vote in next month's primary.

If you are already registered to vote, you don't need to do anything. But if you're a first time voter, if you've moved, or if you want to change your party affiliation, get the form and get it to the post office by close of business.

"Registering is pretty easy to do in Pennsylvania. You can download the form online, print it, fill it out and stick it in the mailbox," Department of State spokesman Ron Ruman said. "It's a pretty straightforward, simple form - probably take folks about five minutes."

Barry Kauffman of Common Cause PA says many states let voters register online. The state Senate passed such a proposal here, but it's stalled in the House.

"It's a cost saver, a time saver, it makes things more accurate," Kauffman said. "If you're concerned about things like election fraud, you should jump on this because it makes sure you can catch fraud if it's happening."

But before lawmakers sign off, they have to figure out how to get voters to sign on. Online, that is.

"It didn't deal with the provision of getting a signature for all voters on that online form," Ruman said of the bill, "and that is a requirement of state and federal law."

In York County, Republicans did switch to Democrat to vote in the primary for local businessman Tom Wolf, according to the county's head of elections.

She said on December 31, there were 131,004 registered Republicans and 96,563 Democrats. As of Monday, the Republican number dropped to 130,561 and registered Democrats increased to 97,734; not huge numbers, but that voters even care about a primary is worth noting.

"Unfortunately, we do not see great turnouts in primaries in Pennsylvania," Ruman said. "In 2012, the numbers were pretty low. It was only about 15 percent for Democrats, around 26 percent for Republicans."

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