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Pipeline Concerns Many in Southern Lanc. County

Pipeline Concerns Many In Southern Lanc. County

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LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) - The Clatterbuck family spend most of their days outside enjoying their scenic views and trails on their 8-acre property in Holtwood. 

"It would ruin the community we have now it will not ever be the same again," said Malinda Clatterbuck. 
The threat of a natural gas pipeline has brought concern to the peaceful town. 

"A lot of the neighbors I know that I've talked to... we feel the same way about the land. We feel that it's beautiful and it gives us space and peace and we are disturbed of the idea of it being disturbed," said Clatterbuck. "It will cut off the corner of our property and all along the ridge which is obviously all woods."

When workers came by their house and asked permission to survey their land, "we said no we're not signing," said Clatterbuck. 

But if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves the project homeowners will have no choice. 
"I know if it gets to the point of eminent domain they will pay me what FERC says they have to pay me I still will be sorely disappointed and I don't know if we will stay here and I don't know how we could sell the house with this line going through," said Clatterbuck. 

County leaders have heard the concerns but are not opposing the pipeline. 

"I am not against having a pipeline coming through our county, and folks would probably be surprised as to how many come through our state that nobody knows about," said Lancaster County Commissioner Scott Martin. 

Martin says compromising will be the only way to appease both sides. 

"The key is can it be done in an environmentally sensitive way and that's what we can be advocates for, myself a lot of the other elected officials out there," said Martin. 

For the Clatterbucks you can't put a price on their home and their peace. 

"I don't want it, I don't care how much they pay me," said Clatterbuck. 
If the pipeline project is green-lighted construction would start as early as 2016. 
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