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Is Palcohol coming to a store near you?

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There has been a buzz about Palcohol: a powdered alcohol that comes in a small pouch. You just add it to water and you have an alcoholic drink.

The company's website says it will come in six varieties, vodka, rum and four cocktails.

A federal agency initially approved the label for the product, but then it was rescinded because there was debate about how much powder would be in the pouch and how much was listed on the label.

Despite the setback, there is talk the product may be available to the public soon.

Justin McShane, a local DUI attorney, has been following the progress of Palcohol and says there are some concerns with underage use.

"It is hard for a kid to sneak a 6-pack of beer, but a powder can easily be put in a pocket and it's easily transportable and transferable," McShane said.

There is also Internet talk about snorting the product.

"Fortunately, the manufacturer thought that through and they added a whole bunch of binder material. So, if you were to snort it, it will cause a tremendous amount of pain and you will not get drunk and you will have to go to the ER because you are probably uncontrollably bleeding from your nose," McShane said.

McShane says even if the product is approved for consumption it may not have a long future.

"Probably Pennsylvania is going to limit it or outright outlaw it," he said. "I think a lot of states are."

Palcohol could be available in the next 8 to 12 months.

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