'Co-Habs' serve as 'pre pre-nups' for those without the choice, - abc27 WHTM

'Co-Habs' serve as Pre Pre-Nups for those without the choice, option to marry

'Co-Habs' serve as 'pre pre-nups' for those without the choice, option to marry

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CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) - Maria Cognetti is the President of the American Academy of Matrimonial lawyers and has an office in Camp Hill. She says says she is seeing a rise in the number of unwed couples drawing up contracts to protect their assets.

She says home buying is where the issue truly comes into play.

"If you are going to purchase a major asset or even if you are going to be co-mingling your bank accounts, that becomes a nightmare when you split up," said Cognetti, "Just like it does in a divorce."

"You've got the same-sex couples who really have no other avenue, especially in Pennsylvania to get that kind of agreement," she continued.

Cognetti says that while "Co-Habs" do offer protection, they are not for everyone, not a great idea for roommates, and are not the easiest to get in front of a judge in the case that they need to be contested.

That's because divorce is a legal matter; breaking up is not.

"I've heard that some people do cohabitation agreements that have kind of the crazy things in them,"said Cognetti. "(For example) My wife will have relations with me no less than five times a week."

Such bold demands are certainly not the norm and she says without witnesses to the relations it can be hard to prove to a judge.

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