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As summer approaches, gas prices are creeping up

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If you filled up your gas tank over the weekend, you may have noticed a jump in prices.

Since last month the average price of gas in our area has jumped from an average of $0.14 to around $3.75 a gallon.

So what's the deal? "Everything has been manageable but now that we are approaching summer, we see that annual spike," says Eric Walters.

But not all drivers are okay with the spike. Some say the high gas prices are forcing some drivers into a dilemma. Should they plan a vacation, or a stay-cation?

"Summer time, I am thinking about that beach trip and I am thinking 'can I pay to get there and do what I want to do once I get there?'" says Aubrey Grosser of Mechanicsburg.

According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of gas in Pennsylvania is around $3.75.

Last year at this time, gas was $0.30 cheaper and Waters says, every little bit adds up, "It's just pennies at a time so you don't really notice it, but if people add up their receipts, you will see it increase and it takes food off of people's plates."

According to AAA, tension between Russia and Ukraine are impacting the prices at the pumps.

Gas is expected to rise a few more cents before it eventually flat lines, so consider this advice from Grosser, "Anything you can do to save up, do it."

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