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State Technology Secretary Tours EC Glass

 Lynchburg, VA - Robotics, architecture, and nuclear technology are not normal classes for high school students.
At E.C. Glass, students are getting hands on learning in future technologies. Students are immersed in the basics in programs like robotics and architectural drawing. The school's study of Nuclear Technology, however, is unique. Only two other high schools in the country offer anything like it.
Local partners like Areva and BWXT helped design the nuclear studies curriculum. Ed Dellinger is the supervisor for career and technical education for Lynchburg City Schools. Ed Dellinger of Lynchburg City Schools says that "We're preparing them for every task or competency they may need to take onto the next level."

Students like EC Glass Senior Campbell Lowe enjoy the range of studies the program has to offer. Lowe is headed to Virginia Tech in the fall, and says that the wide array of study areas helped him find his path. He continued "We've learned a lot of the skills necessary to have a career in the engineering field, but it's also let us explore it. To know what we want to do in the field."

The real proof of success, says Dellinger, is the students who go through the program, and move on to have continued success in their field. He stated  "We have a lot of kids come back from Virginia Tech, MIT..So they've been very successful. They're leaving this program very well prepared."
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