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Questions and Jabs Fly In Democratic Debate

Jabs fly as Dems square off in gubernatorial debate

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LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) - The end is near and political hopefuls facing off in the Democratic Gubernatorial debate were playing for keeps. 

"I think there is a lot of nonsense there," said candidate Tom Wolf regarding a comment made by candidate Allyson Schwartz. 

Each of the four candidates stood their ground against both questions and jabs. 

"Evidently they are seeing the same polls I am so I have a bullseye on my back," said Wolf. 

He is leading the polls and was under attack throughout the night. But he ensured voters his approach was the best for the job. 

"We want to get to the point where we are actually governing, leading, doing something different. I think I have a different story to tell and I am coming from a different perspective and I have a contrasting style and that's let's look at what Pa. ought to be doing in the future," said Wolf. 

Nipping at his heels were candidates Rob McCord, Katie McGinty and Schwartz, who all have political pedigree. Schwartz took the most shots at Wolf and reminded voters of her past success. 

"As governor I will use that experience. I have terrific proven experience in being able to get things done and the fact is you do that also by challenging the status quo," said Schwartz. 

Attacking the incumbent Tom Corbett for not getting things done was McGinty. 

"Tom Corbett's leadership, his budget, his pension ideas are gimmicks. For me it's about jobs and it's about education and I come with that experience that is about building those bridges, finding a common ground," said McGinty. 

When asked how he would be a successful governor, McCord answered by telling the audience keeping the lines of communication open are key. 

"The fact is getting good work done is a team sport and you do need to invest time and respect and expertise and understanding and you need to listen to both sides of the issue. You need to think about it from the different side of the aisle's point of view," said McCord. 

Believe it or not, the four candidates did agree on a few items. They all oppose a moratorium on the death penalty, they are all in favor of looking into medical marijuana and they all are not a fan of Corbett. 

The primary will take place on May 20. 
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