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Smartie snorting caught in York County school

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

"I hope the children stop doing it," said pediatrician Dr. Allen Nussbaum. "It's very scary to hear that you would even want to imitate something like this."

Kids in middle school are taking an old sweet tooth favorite, Smarties, and crushing them into dust. Then, they make a line and snort the candy dust into their nose.

A letter was sent to Shallow Brook Intermediate School parents to inform them of the Smartie-snorting problem in their school.

"It became clear they were crushing them up and sucking them in their mouth, I guess like a huffing kind of thing," Principal Kathleen Walker said.

Students were seen acting in this behavior on the bus and in the cafeteria. Walker said they want to stop students from imitating adult-like habits.

"We don't want kids going around modeling that kind of behavior. We have fourth, fifth and sixth graders and when they are on the bus they are all mixed together and watching each other and learning from each other, and I don't want that to be the kind of habit or behavior that we are promoting," Walker said.

"The acid in there is a binder and that's what causes the burning sensation in the nose," Nussbaum said.

Snorting Smarties does not give kids a high, maybe a sugar rush, but it can cause irritation, infections and even trigger asthma attacks.

"If it went straight down and you aspirated it into the lungs, those small particles from the Smarties will get into the lungs and cause irritation and trigger the asthma to becoming much worse," Nussbaum said.

School officials have also noticed kids crushing and snorting Cheerios.

Shallow Brook Intermediate vows to take disciplinary action if the problem persists.

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