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Suspicious person reported in Susquehanna Township

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Update: Susquehanna Township police said they have arrested 20-year-old Cameron Ruffin of Jacksonville, Florida for selling magazines door-to-door without a township license.

Susquehanna Township police are investigating reports of a suspicious man going door to door in the Deer Path Woods neighborhood.

Stacey Witalec, who lives right behind the police station and Thomas Holtzman Elementary School, said around 4 p.m. Sunday a young man in his late teens showed up in her front yard as her children were playing.

"He came to our door and proceeded to come up with a story about trying to win a project -- trying to win a trip to Italy and he had to do that by trying to figure out where people worked and who they were employed by and what my name was," she said.

Witalec said she did not believe his story, and pressed for more information.

"He told us that the organization he was working with to win the trip was called NIC, and then proceeded to tell us what his role was and what he could do for us through NIC for the day," she said.

NIC, he told her, stood for a "N-words In Charge," and he said he would be her "personal n-word for the day." Witalec told him to leave immediately and she called police. She believes he was trying to stake out her home for a future burglary.

"My bigger concern is that someone was willing to come onto my property and make those kinds of statements around my children -- my neighbors shouldn't be subjected to that and my family certainly should never be subjected to that kind of hate and I won't tolerate it," she said.

Susquehanna Township police confirmed Monday they are investigating this incident. They did not say whether it may be related to a pair of weekend burglaries in the Montrose Park section of the township.

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