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Pa. lawmakers hold Kane impeachment hearing

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Members of the House State Government Committee met on Tuesday to discuss a resolution to impeach Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

The meeting got off to an unusual start. Moments after the Pledge of Allegiance, Rep. Mark Cohen (D-Philadelphia) asked for a vote to adjourn the hearing before it began. The majority voted in favor to resume the hearing.

Committee chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) then asked for Philadelphia Democrat Mike O'Brien to be removed from the room for being out of order. Democrats followed O'Brien out the door and the hearing resumed for two hours.

O'Brien says the hearing was a waste of time.

"This was an exercise in partisanship of Chairman Metcalfe run amuck," O'Brien said. "There was no reason for what he did today."

Metcalfe says his problems with Kane are not policy, but her not following the law. He says Kane should have pursued bribery charges against Philadelphia lawmakers and he says there are other reasons why he drafted an impeachment resolution.

"With her changing reciprocity agreements with other states without statutory to do so," Metcalfe said, "with her refusal to defend the state Defense of Marriage Act and her most recent refusal to conduct the bribery investigation."

Metcalfe says he will speak with other lawmakers before he decides to take further impeachment action.

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