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Deaths of Lancaster Township couple blamed on CO poisoning

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The deaths of a Lancaster County couple found in their home Thanksgiving morning were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the coroner.

Lancaster County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni announced the findings Tuesday in the deaths of 50-year-old Darryl Morton and his girlfriend, 54-year-old Aida Cora.

However, Diamantoni said that despite extensive testing during the past five months, he was unable to determine the manner of death; whether Morton and Cora died as the result of an accident, a suicide or a homicide.

Family members found the couple's decomposed bodies in their townhouse in the 700 block of Sterling Place in Lancaster Township on Nov. 28. Diamantoni said they had been dead for a couple of days.

Manheim Township Police Chief William Kelly said the only source of combustion in the home was a car in the garage. He said the car had been backed into the garage, a push-button starter was on the front seat, and the battery was dead.

Kelley said one theory is that carbon monoxide seeped into the home while the car was running, and that the vehicle eventually shut off due to the lack of oxygen in the garage.

The chief said the police investigation remains open, but added they may never know the circumstances leading up to the deaths.

"We don't have a whole lot of answers and that's unacceptable," Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said. "Our job is to find the answers for what took place, but by the same token we have to follow the facts and the facts are not complete."

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