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Police ticket drivers attempting to skirt detour

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Middlesex Township police ticketed more than 30 drivers Tuesday afternoon for failing to obey "road closed" signs near a new construction zone at Sterretts Gap.

Anyone who does not live or work along Mountain Road (between Wertzville Road and Route 34) received a $170 ticket for failing to obey traffic signals.

"We've had fatal crashes on this road and we've had them at both intersections -- and so putting 10,000 cars into those intersections, inevitably we're going to have a problem at some point. And that's what we're trying to avoid by being here," Officer Andrew Wolfe said.

According to Wolfe, the police department only receives $12.50 for each ticket issued; the rest goes to the state's transportation fund.

The current detour takes drivers five miles out of their way, Wolfe said. Truck driver Robert Aungst said he won't be risking it.

"Don't get me wrong, it's a nice short-cut," he said. "I thought about trying it myself until I heard the $170 fine. We got wise real quick."

Police said they warned the public of this operation via public meetings, the Carlisle Sentinel and by first issuing warnings on Monday. Officers said they will continue to ticket drivers throughout the next three months that the road is closed.

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