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Lipo Light an alternative to liposuction

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Lipo Light touts itself as a way to loose weight using light. It's non-invasive alternative to Lipo Suction.

You may wonder whether it works, so we followed a local woman who decided to try it.

Cathy Lighty of Harrisburg leads a busy life. She makes time to exercise, but still there are those nagging pounds she can't work.

"I wanted to loose some weight from menopause. My belly got bigger," she said.

Lighty decided to try Lipo Light at Gault Wellness Center in Harrisburg. The system uses LED light to target fat cells.

"We can actually reduce body size, loose inches and loose pounds," Dr. Thomas Gault said. "A series of panels are placed on the targeted area and it allows the light from the panels to enter the tissue, which causes the fat cells to actually open up and release their contents. Once that fat is released the fat cells can collapse, resulting in inch loss which is permanent assuming you maintain a reasonable diet."

Lighty said it worked for her. She did her first round last December and received the treatment a couple of times a week.

"I went through the 12 sessions. I ended up loosing 10 pounds and eight inches in my midsection. I was very happy with that," she said.

Lighty was offered another round. We caught up with her April 8. Before the treatment can begin, Lighty is measured and weighed. Then, she begins the 20-minute session.

During that time she listens to motivational recordings on reducing stress and healthy eating. Once done, she stands on a piece of equipment that offers vibration exercise. Gault says the motion helps to burn off the contents released from the fat cells.

Flash forward. We checked back in with Lighty on May 2. She had 11 treatments since we last visited her. Medical technologist Jennifer Gault revealed her results.

"She lost two inches at her rib cage, one and 2/8 around her waist and two inches around her abdomen," Gault said.

Lighty was thrilled with the results.

"I'm happy to get down more. Clothes are important to me, so getting into my older clothes is a great benefit" she said.

Lighty paid for her first 12-week session. She started last December and agreed to come back after Dr. Gault offer her a second series to show us how the treatment worked.

Twelve sessions over six weeks runs just under $1,200. Dr. Gault is offering one free treatment. For more information call 717-657-1620.

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