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Class act makes Shippensburg prom a crowning achievement

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It was the night of a lifetime for one high school senior in Franklin County.

Students at Shippensburg High School voted a special needs student, Trent Boden, as their prom king Saturday night.

"Right now, I am trying not to tear up thinking about it, because it was incredible," said Storm Fridinger, a Shippensburg senior.

"There was not a dry eye in the place. Everyone was screaming their heads off. To see how proud he was and how proud his mom was, it was awesome," senior Seth Fry said.

"Just seeing the expression on his face was really special. That is going to be one thing that I am never going to forget about high school," senior William Burt said.

Several football players started the campaign to get Boden on prom court by hanging up signs around school. After he was crowned king, Bowden danced with the prom queen.

"He just put his arms up in the air and yelled, 'I won, I won.' He was just so happy," prom queen Josslyn Howard said.

Boden's teacher of five years also got to see him get crowned.

"The idea that our student body looked past the disability and just saw a really cool kid with a great personality, and that is who they wanted to represent them as prom king, that was awesome. They accept him for who he is," teacher Amy Brandt said.

"I have never been so proud of our students as I was Saturday night," Principal Bruce Levy said.

The next big event for Boden is graduation. He will walk with his class in June.

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