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Local Woman Looks Back On Mother's Day Tragedy


Lynchburg, VA - For one local woman, Mother's Day marks the day her husband was killed by a drunk driver.

Thirty-two years ago Tammi Davidson was 22-years-old. She'd been married for almost three years and says she and her husband had just bought a new car, new house, and were living the dream. After a day of Mother's Day festivities, she was riding home with him and their five and 22-month-old sons when the unthinkable happened.

It's a day she literally only remembers for the good. Doctors say Tammi Davidson lost her memory 17 miles before the accident.

“I don't remember losing my first husband, I had to accept that and it's hard to grieve what you don't remember losing," said Davidson.

She says she only remembers earlier parts of the day leading up to the crash.

Davidson says that Mother's Day was a day of celebration with family and friends; but she says she had a strange feeling as the day started to wind down.

"I felt a sadness in all of my happiness that day," said Davidson.

Her husband noticed something was not quite right, too.

"He just took that time and held me and let me cry and looking back now, it's almost as if he knew, because he let me grieve,” said Davidson.

Shortly after, they were hit head-on by a drunk driver. Her husband was killed instantly.

She was left unconscious, and one of her boys - airlifted to the hospital.

"The state trooper told me that there was no reason anyone should have come out of that…There's a reason that the boys and I lived.," said Davidson.

One of those reasons was to raise awareness and bring changes to legislation about drunk driving. Davidson says 32-years-ago, there were not as many laws or harsh punishments to discourage it. The man who killed her husband received a fine, a year of probation, and some community service.

"Everybody's got a loss somewhere but if you can take it and turn it into something positive and push forward and here I am 32 years later," said Davidson.

Davidson says she forgives the man who killed her husband. Her life has moved on, but she says she will of course never forget.

Every Mother's Day there's just always a little piece of me that remembers him," said Davidson.

Davidson's story didn't stop 32 years ago. She's now remarried and has been so for 29 years. She has four children and 8 grandchildren. She says every year on the anniversary of the wreck she still visits her first husbands grave.

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